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I lead immersive experiences for travelers and foodies from around the world, that desire to adventure into an exotic history of spices, culture, and the incredible traditions that have formed in their wake.

I curated these trips to highlight the secrets hidden within the spice routes.


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About Hunt For Flavor

My Core Beliefs

It's About To Get Awesome

Educating the stomach > Educating the ego

I believe that to truly understand new information, it must be digested. This means that experiencing a new culture is most efficiently done through food and culture.

Paradigm shifting teaches resolve

I believe that changing your physical location teaches you how to deal with uncertainty in the sea of life, and it'll strengthens your subconscious ability to handle stress in your everyday life.

Flavor needs a Guide

Trying something new can be difficult. That's why these trips are planned out so that you're guided and led step by step into the waters of the unknown.

Content over form

More important than anything is the content and the lessons that this are built around. Everyday is filled with fulfilling experiences that bring you to moments of miraculous appreciation. This is meant to be awesome, but this is built to leave you questioning the world and longing for more.

Flavor Quest Capitan

  • Julian

    Julian Cohen

    Lead Guide

    Hi i'm Julian and I'm the creator of “The Flavor Theory" a comprehensive teaching model for understanding modern-fusion cooking. I made a podcast called “Flavor Quest” and it's an expression of my admiration for world history and how the kitchen has influenced human evolution.

    I grew up in Petaluma CA and slowly but surely I learned how to appreciate my roots and the soil that raised me. After setting out across the ocean to call South East Asia home, I began studying how to cook from grandmas and aunties until I wanted to bathe in fish sauce. Once I gained momentum I proceeded to sell my own style streetfood throughout the Far East, style blending and playing with flavors along the way. Fast forward to the now where I'm in Mexico building out this massive project based on ancestral food knowledge. Now, this project is the culmination of all my quite nights behind the stove, and is my mission until life decides that it must chance once again.


The Curriculum

For one to really understand something foreign and new, you’ll need to open yourself up to something different. So we curate that process and teach you HOW to incorporate that new information, to make that moment a lifelong memorable experience.

Building Wisdom

Understanding that all aspects of “Flavor" can be boiled down into a few core principles, presents a reality based around our stomachs and taste-perception. We teach these principles through excursion, immersion and implementation. All of our days are carefully planned to reflect this philosophy and leave you feeling empowered and informed.

The Food-Culture Gateway

Nothing is possible without food! It’s the union between social dynamics and what we ingest that creates a culture, so we focus on what people are eating to fully wrap our heads around a new world.

Learning from our Ancestors

The road map has been set. Understanding it is as easy as speaking to our elders and asking them about how we can see the world differently.

Getting your hands dirty

Learning isn't possible without trying things yourself. So we build out our trips so that you can be active and not just listen to a guide talk about how cool it is to make fresh dough from scratch. I'm not sure about you, but I'd want to spin some dough in the air myself!

Connecting To The Land

Experiencing how our ancestors created a sustainable relationship with the earth will teach us how to create one before us in the here and now. At each destination, one of our focuses will be to learn the agricultural history and its importance to the region. That will help us to build a clear picture of a time long ago, and to gift our adventurers with some mind opening knowledge.

Traditional Farming

Colonization has been part of the world for a long time, but the erasing of practices throughout the ages has separated us from our strengths. We focus on showcasing practices that predate our modern understandings of the world, and to showcase the tried and tested methods of building sustainability within our communities.

Plant Based Medicine

A pillar of a healthy community. Plant medicine predates our western approach by many years, so we show local practices in order to widen our concept of healthy living and a healthy relationship to the earth.


We can create a healthy balance with mother nature through conscious eating practices and mindful farming. Being able to see how different people can create that in their lives helps to develop a sustainable rhythm with the natural world.
Corn Field

Native Cosmovision

Our universe and the cosmos is a grand place, and the quest to learn why we're all here truly will be a never ending adventure. So listening to the oral traditions from our ancestors will help us to decipher the truths that have been laid out before us. We work specifically with local representatives and native families who can artfully paint a picture of a time not so long ago.

Creation Stories

Seeing the universe in a different context opens up our eyes and our concepts of the world around us. Not only are creation stories super fun to hear and imagine, but they’re fundamental in learning a new way of viewing our existence.


Scholars from around the world have left us clues to better understand our shared reality. We speak with folks who are passionate about sharing and who are striving in their everyday life to help others grow.

Art and Science

Painters, poets, potters, architects, astronomers, chefs, dancers and many more … everyone’s included. We go out of our way to showcase unique points of view and talents that the world should have access to.

Taste Comprehension

This experience will help you to see food and its flavor in an artistic point of view. With the help of our magical team, we hope that you can walk away from this trip with a deeper and more profound ability to taste and understand the flavors before you. Once you understand them, the world is your oyster.

Local Spices, Herbs and Seasonings

Highlighting what makes a region special and unique, is fundamentally awesome. Sightseeing is one thing, but how about traveling for food, snacking the whole way through, and leaving with a clear picture of what culture TASTES like? Well that’s exactly the idea we running with.

Regional Customs and Cuisines

Food customs, holiday meals, family gatherings and what exactly the people are eating there and why. It’s like putting up a magnifying glass to the heart strings and taste buds all at once!

Tools and Traditions

Getting a chance to use the special equipment, and learning the techniques necessary to replicate how grandma makes it, is a streamline way to download a ton of epic information. We put grandma next to you so you can watch her hands carefully…

What's Included With My Program Fee?

Once you meet at the arrival point you don’t have to worry about anything. All you have to do is enjoy and participate to the best of your ability.

Specifically, your program fee covers...

Travel, Activities & Food

Your fee covers all travel activities during the itinerary. Unlike 99% of the group tour operators out there, we don't upsell you or try to sell extra experiences. We are all-inclusive.

Experiences and Tickets

Our trip is anything but your average sightseeing experience, so rest assured that you wont need to fork out any extra cash for an entry fee. We’ve got you covered.

Food and Snack

Lets face it, you’re here for the food. So you better believe that all curated meals, street food and market snacks will be included in your costs.


When we touch ground we’ll be moving from point to point comfortably and with plenty of preparation. So we traverse the mountains and travel through the region, all transportation costs will be paid for.

Nightly Accommodation

Don’t worry about finding a place to stay as we’ve looked for just the right locations along our path to rest each night.

Gurus and Guides

We’ve spent years collecting our resources and growing our team to prepare for your arrival.

Intentional Planning

Our trips are planned so that you can see another from another point of view. We really believe that stepping into another’s shoes and being invited into someone’s home along the path brings incomparable results if true and authentic connection is what you desire. .


All of our community members, teachers, guides and small business owners are fairly and equally compensated for their time and energy. We believe in showing up as justly as possible in a growing global industry.

Passion and Humility

Our team is a family of people that believe we can change the world. Respecting our environment, our community and what we put in our body creates a kind world. We strive to make it better by being genuine and true.

Personal Growth and Development

We promise to authentically conduct ourselves in our business and in our communication in every step of the way! Throughout our trip we do our best to keep the vibes just right.

Hands on Learning

We think that learning first hand is the best for real cultural immersion. So prepare yourself to grind your own chocolate by hand, harvest fresh tropical fruits, hike to the top of the mountain, and take the reigns of your very own adventure.

Rest and Relaxation

Having generous space to decompress in a beautiful location is one our promises. While we want to share awesome information and some hidden treasures, we also want to respect your needs for alone time and generous space to recharge your battery.

Balanced and Delicious Meals

Having generous space to decompress in a beautiful location is one our promises. While we want to share awesome information and some hidden treasures, we also want to respect your needs for alone time and generous space to recharge your battery.

Perspective Building

Expanding yourself and your abilities will lead to a stronger self awareness and a greater ability to deal with change. Take our lead and start running towards your own destiny. Anything is possible!

Is Hunt For Flavor Right For Me?

If you’ve been waiting to start your own legend quest then this might be the moment you’ve been waiting for. This excursion is for the foodies, and the flavor seekers that wish to understand the world.

Be prepared for something epic

Do you prefer to learn about culture rather than sightseeing?

Are buying local products and supporting artisanship important to you?

you been interested in learning how to build a stronger relationship to the earth?

When you travel do you like to see the hidden gems and places that you’d only find with a local’s eye?

I take it that you’re an outgoing, adventure seeking individual that isn’t truly satisfied with your normal tour bus vacation?

In fact I take it that when you travel, you crave to connect to the spirit and the energy of that new place. And if you’ve gotten this far I think it’s safe to say that you’re open to experiencing something new in a foreign land. Or that the idea of being invited into someone’s home and having an authentic dinner with their whole family excites you to your core!

Flavor Quest poetically weaves your time into a powerful learning opportunity. After a trip with our team you’ll be able to look back and say…

That in my eyes I feel as if I was looking at a true artful representation of that culture

I feel like I can use the information that I learned to recreate authentic regional cooking at home

I see myself confidently returning and having a support system that will last a lifetime

To join us on a Flavor Quest you must be:

  • Willing & excited to try new things
  • Respectful when entering a new home or spiritual site
  • Flexible to last minute itinerary changes
  • Ready to participate in all planned activities
  • Open to packing light
  • Willing to try new foods and beverages
  • Able to walk 5-10 miles per day (depends on the itinerary).

“Travel isn’t always pretty. It isn’t always comfortable. Sometimes it hurts, it even breaks your heart. But that’s okay. The journey changes you; it should change you. It leaves marks on your memory, on your consciousness, on your heart, and on your body. You take something with you. Hopefully, you leave something good behind.”

“If I'm an advocate for anything, it's to move. As far as you can, as much as you can. Across the ocean, or simply across the river. The extent to which you can walk in someone else's shoes or at least eat their food, it's a plus for everybody.

Open your mind, get up off the couch, move.”

Anthony Bourdain Anthony Bourdain Journalist, Author, Director and Chef

What Can I Expect From Flavor Quest?

On a Flavor Quest trip, you'll experience deep & long lasting friendships, try new foods, experience new cultures and make memories that'll enable you to gain a greater perspective of yourself & the world around you.

Here's what awaits you when you embark on your Flavor Quest...

Authentic Food Culture

We can promise that we’ll feed you the most delicious and authentic flavors you can find! Highlighting what’s local and the people that make it, is our guiding light.
Learn traditional recipes that will grow your culinary capabilities and seeing the chefs make them is what we're truly excited to bring to the table

Traditional Arts and Medicine

You’ll meet artisans and spiritual guides that’ll be able to show you their world through an artistic point of view. Indulge in their ancient wisdoms and their passion for sharing, teaching, and opening eyes to a new way of seeing the world..

Personal Growth and Development

Being free to explore a new side of your personality or being able to express yourself confidently is something we’ll always foster. Knowing that you’re in safe company helps to create a safe environment. There’s no judgement in our tours, just be yourself.

Pristine Relaxation

Image waking up to a gushing waterfall, spending an afternoon walking through a tropical fruit farm, and then returning home to debrief over a tranquil campfire on the rivers edge.
While we want to fill up our time with awesome moments we really want to give you a moment of pure silence so you can look inwards and reflect on your year. Freetime is always included, and if you want to opt out of an activity we'll set you up as best as we can.

Adventures and Quests Galore

You can trust that we’ll only lead you to something straight out of the story book. Side quests, random magical adventures and constant opportunities to create your own before your very own eyes are included!
Our team of local guides have been planning your arrival… and they’ve got a few tricks in their sleeves they’ve been waiting to show you.

Local Outreach and Knowledge

We network and connect small villages and their knowledge to people who are willing to learn from them and support their development.
We’re here to see the world get connected in a peaceful and loving approach. Respect, dignity, and the preservation of values and traditions. That’s our equation for peace and prosperity!

Spiritual Guidance

If you've been looking to ask a teacher about the universe or inquire about a grand universal question, trip permitting this is the time and space. If you find yourself walking side by side with our guides or guest speakers, feel free to invite them for an intellectual conversation outside of the activity.
This whole experience is about expansion and learning something new. There's not limits in life, let alone on a Flavor Quest.

What Are Some Things To Keep In Mind On Your Trips?

Our trips are intentionally different than most other travel adventures out there.

At the end of the day, it's important to remember that travel comes with some inherent unknowns. So we want to make sure you're prepared and ready for anything

Here's what that entails...

Transportation and Movement

We’ll be doing a fair bit of walking around and driving to and from the destinations throughout the trip is expected. So being prepared for hiking, walking, and at times possibly more rigorous activity will be key. We’re not asking you to prepare for a marathon, but we’re hoping that you can be ready and eager to use your body when necessary. From time to time we’ll need you to sit as a passenger on a mystical jungle road for a couple hours as we arrive at our next location.

Light Packing Requirement

Lugging around a big suitcase while your whole team is trekking with light backpacks will get old quick. So we’ll help you prepare and pack accordingly so that you won’t have to run into that issue at all! We have our locations, activities and everything that you’ll need to bring with you prepared so that you can be 100% ready for the epic-ness that is to come.


Different Sleeping Arrangements

Just remember that throughout this trip, we’ll be visiting different places and that you’ll always be taken care of. One night we may be staying in a historic city-center and the next sleeping on a hilltop paradise overlooking a sacred valley. Preparing for all of these different environments will save you a big hassle. Luckily, there won’t be any surprises with our clear preparation plan.

Immersive Experiences

That means it’s very likely that you’ll be trying new foods, new flavors and being surrounded by colorful, enthusiastic, kind folks from all walks of life. To be best prepared for this trip we recommend to leave all expectations at home and remain open to trying new things, talk with the people that made them, and be warm hearted to new traditions or local specialties.


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