The Ancestral Flavors and Traditions of Oaxaca

Pre-Hispanic Flavors, Wild Foraging, Mythology, Herbal Medicine and The Traditional Arts of Oaxaca are just some of the colourful lenses that we'll use for our investigation. This is not your average experience. This is a Flavor Quest.

This project is the love child of community engagement and cultural appreciation. This is a deep dive into ancestral knowledge using food, our hands, and communication as our tools for comprehension. In this immersive experience, we'll meet with local guides that will help us to weave a tapestry of understanding that will artfully demonstrate the building blocks of an empire. Throughout this adventure we'll be joined by a hand picked group of adventurers that all seem to have a very special knack for telling an incredible story.

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Hunt For Flavor In The Oaxacan Valley


Program Highlights & Itinerary

An all inclusive intimate flavor quest through The Oaxcan Valley, built for adventurers that desire to use conversation to unlock group conciousness, personal growth, and that crave to use their stomachs to understand Ancestral Knowledge.

A storyline written for those who desire to connect with their own roots in a way they never could've imagined.

Welcome to your very own origin story. All aboard...

Quest Duration
10 Days
Adventurers Present
Adventure Toll
Barter/trade is welcome*
Ages Allowed

My Mission Statement

Day 0

Before we begin, I need to make my rules of conduct very clear to whomever is being called to start this quest.

My Intention

The experience was created to show people from all walks of life being ecstatic and sharing their passions to those who are ready to listen and learn. This idea was built from the desire to create a network of really awesome people and to spread oppurtunities throughout that very same network.

My Hope

I hope that in this experience you find exactly the type of culture and faith that you thought you'd see. I hope that through holding a space of respect and familiarity, that you feel comfortable enough to not only stick your toes into this cutlure, but to dive in head first and to swim in this beautiful reality.

My Promise

On this adventure you'll play, eat, and converse within a curated quest that will guide you to incredible moments of miraculous appreciation. Through immersive experiences and guided conversations will you have the oppurtunity to nuture a true and authentic understanding of this beautiful land. You will be treated with kindness and compassion in every step of the way, and all of your wishes and ideas will be heard and respected.
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Building Your Flavor Temple

Day 1-4

As we arrive into Oaxaca we'll have an awesome group meet up and moment to get acclimated to our neighborhood and accommodations. Our lodging is just outside of the busyness of the downtown but JUST close enough so that in your freetime you'll have plenty of options for activity or peace. In the first chapter of the trip, we'll introduce to you the culinary themes that are the pillars of this land.

There will be plenty of time to explore and create your own side quests, and with the help of our community we'll be able to guide you and help make sure that they become a reality.

Highlights include...

Native Traditional Medicine

We'll begin our quest where our ancestors asked for abundance and fertility, so that we can enter this adventure with permission and respect to the traditions of the land. We'll discuss and learn about offerings, sacrifices, respecting traditions as an outsider, and what have been the medicinal and spiritual practices long before any colonizers stepped foot on this land.

Secrets of The Agave

The incredible Agave. Oh the plentitude of secrets and uses that it hides within its spiney facade. We'll have the incredible opportunity to speak with agave farmers as we head deep into the orchards to have a truly one in a lifetime opportunity that was previously reserved for kings and queens.

Pre-Hispanic Cooking Class

We'll study and watch expert chefs create their take on traditional recipes that some would kill for but hey, this is what we do. We'll get our hands in the mix, learn how to use the TOOLS correctly, and be gifted some absolutely delicious recipes so that you can recreate everything that you've learned at home.

Oaxacan Molecular Gastronomy

To plant the seed of understanding we'll try some of the cities BEST kept culinary secrets to explore traditional and modern Oaxacan cooking. Now I must say that this was the hardest part of the quest to research... I slaaaaved away eating the best food in town just so you can arrive and be guided to understand the HUGE array of native flavors and the massive arsenal of gastronomic realities at work. Communal eating, trying new foods, talking with the chefs, group discussions on flavor and taste... Come on will y'all just arrive already? I'm getting hungry!

Creating Your Throne Room

Day 5-8

In the second portion of your quest, you'll be given an opportunity to expand your way of thinking and speak with people who have dedicated their lives to traditional medicine and elevating group conciousness. In this portion of the quest we explore what exactly "ceremony," is. Now let's be clear, this is not the "lets go and watch people have a religious gathering," no this is more the "Let's discuss what these rituals mean and why sharing this kind of information is important to the preservation of a culture."

You'll get the opportunity to speak with teachers and practitioners about their life missions, and have hands on experiences that will change how you view the world around you.

What to expect...

Zapotec Mythology and Mysticism

Take this chance to have an intellectual dialogue about a cosmovision and how it all connects itself back to the earth. This is about continuing oral tradition, and leaving clues for our next generation to find and follow.

Cacao and Chocolate Workshops

Learn how to hand grind your own chocolate all while tasting delicious local cacao samples and learning about the legends, wide array of uses, and how the cacao plant can literally save the world.

Understanding The Milpa

Learning to embrace the ways of the land and the seasonal realities, are a form of respecting the earth and acknowledging our duty to care for it. We'll experience the "milpa" and learn how to use what we find to nourish and heal our bodies. Herbology, Foraging, Natural Medicine. This is a wild side quest deep into the mountains to learn about our roots.
traditional sweat lodge

Exploring The Kingdom

Day 8-10

Let us continue our adventure as we step into the past and explore the remanints of empires before us. Here we apply our new understandings of art and history when we follow a course that millions of people have walked, so that we can learn about the native cosmovision and an ancestral understanding of self.

This will be a different pace to our journey as life in the pueblos opperates differently then you'd expect. You may just find yourself being invited into grandmas home as she's placing dinner on the table.

Highlights include...

The Language of Embroidery

We'll visit the incredible textile workshop throughout the valley to witness handweaving, natural dyes, story telling, and warm hospitality.

Traditional Temescal

If we are here to learn about natural medicine and tradition, there is no question that we must teach the fundamentals and the practice of the Temescal. Called the InniPii in the Northern Tribes, or a sweat-lodge to the western tongue, the Temescal is the original medicine. It's the school, the teacher, the student and the lesson itself.

Decoding the Sun Calendar and The Codex

If you so choose to take this quest, this is by far one of my favorite adventures we have planned for you. The codex holds so much wisdom and knowledge that it can only be taught orally, it just so happens that my teacher and close friend has been studying this book since she was a little girl. We'll study with her about how to read the sun calendars, and discuss what ancestral knowledge has been left for us to undersand... and how we can incorporate this cosmic knowledge into our very own existence.

Our Curriculum

Our program is designed to engage with small businesses and family operations to bring the most authentic perspectives into our quests and tours. We focus on Agricultural Traditions, Native Cosmovision and Taste Comprehension to create a once in a lifetime experience that leaves you feeling fulfilled and enlightened.

What to expect...

Building Wisdom

Understanding that all aspects of “Flavor" can be boiled down into a few core principles, presents a reality based around our stomachs and taste-perception. We teach these principles through excursion, immersion and implementation. All of our days are carefully planned to reflect this philosophy and leave you feeling empowered and informed.

The Food-Culture Gateway

Nothing is possible without food! It’s the union between social dynamics and what we ingest that creates a culture, so we focus on what people are eating to fully wrap our heads around a new world.

Learning from our Ancestors

The road map has been set. Understanding it is as easy as speaking to our elders and community and asking them about how we can see the world differently.

Getting your Hands Dirty

Learning isn't possible without trying things yourself. So we build out our trips so that you can be active and not just listen to a guide talk about how cool it is to make fresh dough from scratch. I'm not sure about you, but I'd want to spin some dough in the air myself!

Learning From The Land

Experiencing how our ancestors created a sustainable relationship with the earth will teach us how to create one before us in the here and now. At each destination, one of our focuses will be to learn the agricultural history and its importance to the region. That will help us to build a clear picture of a time long ago, and to gift our adventurers with some mind opening knowledge.

Traditional Farming

Colonization has been part of the world for a long time, but the erasing of practices throughout the ages has separated us from our strengths. We focus on showcasing practices that predate our modern understandings of the world, and to showcase the tried and tested methods of building sustainability within our communities.

Plant Based Medicine

A pillar of a healthy community. Plant medicine predates our western approach by many years, so we showcase local practices in order to widen our concept of healthy living and a healthy relationship to the earth.


We can create a healthy balance with mother nature through conscious eating practices and mindful farming. Being able to see how different people can create that in their lives helps to develop a sustainable rhythm with the natural world.
corn Field

Native Cosmovision

Our universe and the cosmos is a grand place, and the quest to learn why we're all here truly will be a never ending adventure. So listening to the oral traditions from our ancestors will help us to decipher what has been laid out before us. We work with people who can artfully paint a picture of a time not so long ago.

Creation Stories

Seeing the universe in a different context opens up our eyes and our concepts of the world around us. Not only are creation stories super fun to hear and imagine, but they’re fundamental in learning a new way of viewing our existence.


Scholars from around the world have left us clues to better understand our shared reality. We speak with folks who are passionate about sharing and who are striving in their everyday life to help others grow.

Art and Science

Painters, poets, potters, architects, astronomers, chefs, dancers and many more … everyone’s included. We go out of our way to showcase unique points of view and talents that the world should have access to.

Taste Comprehension

This experience will help you to see food and its flavor in an artistic point of view. With the help of our magical team, we hope that you can walk away from this trip with a deeper and more profound ability to taste and understand the flavors before you. Once you understand them, the world is your oyster.

Local Spices, Herbs and Seasonings

Highlighting what makes a region special and unique, is fundamentally awesome. Sightseeing is one thing, but how about traveling for food, snacking the whole way through, and leaving with a clear picture of what culture TASTES like? Well that’s exactly the idea we running with.

Regional Customs and Cuisine

Food customs, holiday meals, family gatherings and what exactly the people are eating there and why. It’s like putting up a magnifying glass to the heart strings and taste buds all at once!

Tools and Traditions

Getting a chance to use the special equipment, and learning the techniques necessary to replicate how grandma makes it, is a streamline way to download a ton of epic information. We put grandma next to you so you can watch her hands carefully…
Grassland Sunset

What's Included With My Program Fee?

Our programs are all-inclusive (including flights). The only extra cost you need to plan for is getting to our start point in the US, and any souvenirs you wish to purchase.

Specifically, your program fee covers...

Travel, Activities & Food

Your fee covers all travel activities during the itinerary. We don't upsell you or try to pawn extra experiences. We are all-inclusive.

Experiences and Tickets

Our trip is anything but your average sightseeing experience, so rest assured that you wont need to fork out any extra cash for an entry fee. We’ve got you covered.

Food and Snack

Lets face it, you’re here for the food. So you better believe that all curated meals, street food and market snacks will be included in your costs.


When we touch ground we’ll be moving from point to point comfortably and with plenty of preparation. So we traverse the mountains and travel through the region, all transportation costs will be paid for.

Nightly Accomodations

Don’t worry about finding a place to stay as we’ve looked for just the right locations along our path to rest each night.

Gurus and Guides

We’ve spent years collecting our resources and growing our team to prepare for your arrival.

Intentional Planning

Our trips are planned so that you can see another from another point of view. We really believe that stepping into another’s shoes and being invited into someone’s home along the path brings incomparable results if true and authentic connection is what you desire.


All of our community members, teachers, guides and small business owners are fairly and equally compensated for their time and energy. We believe in showing up as justly as possible in a growing global industry.

Passion and Humility

Our team is a family of people that believe we can change the world. Respecting our environment, our community and what we put in our body creates a kind world. We strive to make it better by being genuine and true.
Guide with Donkey

Personal Growth and Development

We promise to authentically conduct ourselves in our business and communication in every step of the way! Throughout our trip wefacilitate the right energy for everyone to feel comfortable enough to step out of their comfort zone.

Hands on Learning

We think that learning first hand is the best for real cultural immersion. So prepare yourself to grind your own chocolate by hand, harvest fresh tropical fruits, hike to the top of the mountain, and take the reigns of your very own adventure.

Rest and Relaxation

Having generous space to decompress in a beautiful location is one our promises. While we want to share awesome information and some hidden treasures, we also want to respect your needs for alone time and generous space to recharge your battery.

Delicious Meals

Having generous space to decompress in a beautiful location is one our promises. While we want to share awesome information and some hidden treasures, we also want to respect your needs for alone time and generous space to recharge your battery.

Perspective Building

Expanding yourself and your abilities will lead to a stronger self awareness and a greater ability to deal with change. Take our lead and start running towards your own destiny. Anything is possible!

The Application Process

If anyone is seriously interested in this experience then I ask you to lovingly fill out this short application that will give me a idea of who you are and what you're looking t0 find in this adventure. All information is private and will only be used if we continue the process after we talk and see if this will be the right fit.

Application Process

1. Apply For The Dates You Want

This short application is where I'll learn more about you, your concerns and what you are most excited to find during the trip. It should only take a few minutes to fill out.

2. Schedule Your Zoom Call

On this form you'll mark a few dates and times that work best for you schedule and together on a call we'll answer all questions you may have, and walk you through the plan.

3. Confirmation and Deposit

Once it's determined that you're perfect for this path (you're already perfect but you know what I mean), we'll take a 50% deposit to lock you in. (Full payment due 60 days out). We accept card, transfer and are open to alternative payment methods. We'll go over the cancellation policy on our zoom meeting.

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Apply Now

This program is all inclusive minus your international flights, and each adventure is written differently to bring you closer to your roots. Apply now and start expanding.

Upcoming Program Dates

July Mushroom and Foraging Season

1st - 10th

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August Mushroom and Foraging Season

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September Ancestral Kitchen Foray

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Dia De Los Muertos and The Ancestral Kitchen in November

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Contact us.

For Travelers

What included in this experience?
Lodging, Travel Expenses, Guides, All Meals, Teachers/Classes, Excursions and pretty much everything else minus your international flight and ticket insurance (if you so choose to opt for that option). If you were to grab a travel safe sample of something we tried in the journey or any souveneirs to bring back home, thats respectfully on you.
What types of follow up happen before the trip?
Starting a few weeks before our trip starts, we'll get all of our travelers together via video chat to get to know each other and go over logistics such as what to bring. We'll go over clothing, expected weather conditions, general itinerary and answer any questions that arise.
How big is the group on each trip?
Our programs have a minimum of 6 travelers and a maximum of 10. Sizes can change depending on sleeping arrangements. So that being said please let us know if you want to bunk together with your travel partner.
What are the sleeping arrangements?
Everyone will have their own room and/or private space depending on the lodging. But this will be trip and excursion dependent. So please be prepared for any last minute changes as we travel and if we example, we only have access to a few shared rooms in the middle of a jungle, you can image we won't have much of a choice.
Do I have to eat all planned meals?
No you do not, and if you want to eat something else it's totally fine. BUT we definitely recommend that to fully experience the flavorful story line that runs through this whole trip, you eat with the group. BUT that being said, if you are limited by allergies, sensitivities, or any sudden stomach iregularities please let us know and remember that ALL of your needs can be accommodated for. PLEASE TELL US YOUR ALLERGIES BEFORE YOU ARRIVE.
Who are the other people going on this trip?
Broadly speaking, they are people who are also interested in understanding more about Traditional Medicine, Oaxacan Culture and Foraging. This trip is to not only educate, but to help open our eyes to the old way of operating in this world. We carefully screen everyone through an application process to make sure that they'll be a good fit for both the trip and for the group that is forming, to make sure that everyone will feel safe, comfortable, and confident to dive in.
Do I have to participate in every activity?
Yes and no. We'll ask you to participate in some mandatory group experiences but outside of that if you want to hang out in your room or wander the city, go for it. We're all adults and can make that call for ourselves. Buuuuut everything is pretty awesome and has taken a lot of time and love to put together.
What are the days going to be like?
Slick and smooth. We'll go over all plans the night before and advise the group if we need to prepare for anything special. But prepare for easy mornings and delicious breakfasts, that roll into a planned adventures that'll take you to the most epic hidden gems throughout the Valley, all the while having intellectual group dialouges, and last but not least a wide variety of delicious meals from a handpicked group of local chefs and flavor magicians. So we'll check in throughout the day and see where our energy level and the stamina is at, to see if the everyone feels up to continuing on for more alluring side quests or if returning home to recharge is more the feel.
How do I know that I'm going to have a good time?
The number 1 key to you having a good time is a willingness to be flexible and try something new. Traveling to a new place is ALWAYS different than you imagine it to be in your head, because no matter the amount of pictures, videos & stories that you've seen, the only way to truly know a place is to go there.
If you are the type of person who handles change well, and happily looks for new opportunities to immerse themselves in a new way of life, this will be exactly what you've been waiting for. If you like rigid traveling, and a set daily itinerary that is completely closed off to any unexpected adventure... then you may want to rethink this idea.
In Oaxaca, everyone is kind and open as long as you show respect. Just because you are in a foreign surrounding will in no means justify being rude and ignorant. Show up, smile, and you'll have the time of your life.
What is the cancellation Policy?
If you cancel, some or all portions of your booking cancellation fees will apply. A cancellation will only be effective when I receive written confirmation of the cancellation. If you cancel a trip:
Up to 61 days prior to departure, there will be 75% refunds.
60 days or less prior to departure, then we will retain 100% of trip cost as paid in connection with the trips reservation, however you're happily entitled to a credit toward a future trip, less there be any unrecoverable costs IE booking reservations and preparations for you arrival.
If you leave a trip for any reason after it has started we are not due to make any refunds for unused services. If you fail to join a trip, join it after departure, or leave it prior to its completion, no partial refunds will be made. The above cancellation fees are in addition to fees which may be from third party tour groups and transport operator fees. So basically if we need to reserve your place months in advance and you do not show up, our community members aren't taking a loss.

Contact Us

I'm super happy to chat and answer any questions you have about the program.

Email me directly or fill out our contact form

+1 (707) 309-7774

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Important Notes About Health and Safety


Health Protocols?
Just please be honest! If you have medical conditions that we can help with let's get ahead of the game! IE if you need medicine from a trusted pharmacy we'll happily take you, or if you have allergies we can order and eat intentionally... This is a safe space and there is no judgement on bodily functions! If you are sick before or during the trip, we can have a respectful conversation identifying what our options are for addressing the situation.
Social and Energy Requirements?
You're here because you want to be! So enjoy this as much as you can, but you should feel safe and respected enough to ask for a break or to opt out confidently from an activity without second thought! There will be group activities, mature intellectual discussionsand, and plenty of free time to recharge your personal battery. The secret to life is communication so rest assured we'll be checking in with everybody individually to create the best enviornment possible for everyone's enjoyment.
Group Dynamics?
Everyone is handpicked for this journey, and everyone will be individually prompted and prepared so that there is no mistaking the group dynamics and how everyones opinions, personal space and boundaries will always be seen and respected.
I'm Overwhelmed?
Sometimes I just need to be by myself for a couple hours to recharge my battery, totally understood and heard. Check. Every day we'll have freetime to do so, and if you need more time for yourself just let me know and that's that.
Food Allergies?
Shouldn't be an issue at all, just be prepared to fill me in about this way before we arrive, please, please, please, please. PLEASE. That being said, if you're allergic to corn, beans, or cacao... lets talk in private!
Don't be an asshole.
No bullying, abuse, or toxic behaviors will be tolerated. If something arises, we'll chat outside of the group like adults to address the situation. But if you continue to be mean or ignorant to group dynamics, I'll have to send you back home early without a refund, so follow the golden rule and treat people how you would like to be treated.
Is this a powerful plant medicine retreat?
No. We are not holding a ceremonial space for powerful plant medicines. If you desire to learn about herbal/traditional medicine as a whole and discuss the wisdom by speaking with teachers/guides about their practices, and having intellectual dialouges with a group of like-minded individuals then you'll absolutely love this experience. But this quest is for all people whether or not they are ready to embark on that intensive medicinal journey.